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Working at FRWD is different. Our agency/consulting hybrid is fundamentally different from the digital or traditional agency model. We make small moves every day that accumulate to big results for clients.

Working at FRWD isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking to be a part of a new agency model, a job with FRWD could be a small move with a big reward – a place where your skills will grow and your passion for the work will find a true home.

Apply for one of our open jobs, or get to know us on Facebook or LinkedIn, find one of our people at events like i612, MIMA or Women in Wireless Minneapolis. Find out if we’re the right move for you.

Current openings:

  1. Expert, Consumer Practice

Expert, Consumer Practice


FRWD seeks an Expert responsible for meeting and exceeding expectations across multiple Consumer Products client partnerships. In FRWD’s consulting nomenclature, the Expert reports to a Senior Expert, and is responsible for leading internal and client teams to successful outcomes with relatively little day-to-day “management” oversight. The Expert becomes an invaluable member of the client teams, translating business strategy into test & learn roadmaps, clear reporting and actionable insights, identifying wins to scale and making that happen, and running the business in our “small moves” way of working. In some cases, this role guides execution by other agencies or internal client teams, and in some cases testing and scaling are executed by FRWD SME’s. The Expert must be objective about what is best for each client situation and earn the trust and respect of all stakeholders without creating turf issues. This includes CMO’s, CFO’s and other agency partners where involved.

The true uniqueness in this particular role lies in its strategic consultancy to clients. The person will drive analysis and recommendations that guide marketing planning, brand strategy, resource mix and process, capabilities (technology and organizational), communications mix and messaging, and decisions on what to and not to scale based on learning. The ideal candidate has a deep understanding of how successful consumer products marketers in particular position and build brands. A proven track record developing and contributing to successful, innovative and impactful marketing efforts is essential.

About yourself, big picture:

  • You have proven yourself as a leader for 6-10 years. You are able to motivate others to bring their best thinking to projects and translate the team effort to strong results in markets.
  • You are passionate about marketing, understand the power of digital to transform top and bottom line results by working differently and applying data in new ways.
  • You’ve evolved to the point in your career where you create and guide solutions to business problems and opportunities, not just implement them. You see vagaries and are the one to close the knowledge or plan gaps, drawing on your experience and the team around you.
  • Positive attitude, no matter what. You add energy to rooms and teams, help others see possibilities and clarity amidst uncertainty.
  • You have a well-developed understanding of marketing and communication best practices to draw on, yet aren’t afraid of solving problems through innovative thought leadership.

And your skills:

  • Performance analysis – in market performance data, consumer segmentation, brand health/strengths relative to a competitive set and consumer needs.
  • Consumer empathy – you enjoy learning what will cause a consumer to care about and want to connect with your clients’ brand(s). Finding that unique way to make an impact against the business need, while creating options that others may not have thought of.
  • Channel savvy – ability to parse out performance in different distribution channels and develop effective solutions accordingly.
  • Communication, especially in packaging content into effective client presentations and being the person leading the room in meetings, articulating clear action items and providing direction.
  • Working in agile, shorter sprints instead of long planning cycles.
  • Basic understanding of and interest in learning digital media systems, platforms, UX, creative experiences and analytics.
  • Partnership oriented – with clients of course, and in working well with the internal integrated team as well as, other agencies.
  • Solution oriented – comfortable with seeking out new technology, media, creative resources and to create opportunities for clients.

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