at the core of our company
is our people.

We’re a talented group of people that not only collaborate together inside the office, but celebrate each other’s personal passions and endeavors.

the people

Sam Bloomfield Avikshat Bhardwaj Joel Pykkonen Scott White Naomi Alford Matthew Luckow Will Caesar Miranda Soukup Nathan Eide Brett Middleton Kay Rossbach Merwin Gomes Jessica Sutton

did you know?

Jessica met Bryan Adams in Geneva Switzerland

we like to have
fun here.

We believe in giving back and investing in our local community. Our two priorities: supporting and participating in professional industry events (find us and let’s chat!), and supporting amazing organizations such as Wilderness Inquiry and The BrandLab. We encourage you to explore and connect with both of them.

the letters

Each month, the letters are passed on to employees who exemplify FRWD.

Falling Forward

The one who tries new things, moves fast, and tests without worrying about failure.

Matthew Luckow

The Rock

The solid one who the team depends on and helps everyone.

Kay Rossbach


The one with the smarts who helps to teach and is constantly learning on the job.

Joel Pykkonen


The one who delivers on time, under pressure, and gives help to the team.

Jessica Sutton