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By August 5, 2016 Day After Digest No Comments

Day After Digest: Interns to Ad Stars

By August 5, 2016 Day After Digest

On August 4th, Carmichael Lynch hosted AdFed for their Mentorship-Summer Interns Event geared towards connecting interns and young professionals.  This was a great informational networking event that helped to integrate interns into the community.  There were 10 mentors in attendance that explained their internship experience outside of college, some even starting in High School. It was engaging to learn about the variety of backgrounds and unique paths to receiving full time positions out of these internships.

The key messages taken away were as follows:

Be persistent and take control of your journey.  No one else is going to get you a position but yourself. However, you can have help along the way so it is definitely beneficial to treat connections with respect and not burn bridges.

Don’t suck up, STAND OUT. Bringing your physical resume somewhere can be the extra step that makes all the difference.  Many people got internships because they left their business card on a desk, or even spoke with an employer through an application on their phone like FourSquare or Linkedin. Show that crafting your personal brand is just as important to you as other brands you may have worked on in your portfolio.  

Always be prepared. Know what youre talking about and have something to talk about regarding the position and company you’re applying for.  Having confidence in your work will show through more than any certificate will (although those help too.) Lastly, know what you want and don’t want to do in a position so you can apply accordingly.

This event left the attendees feeling optimism towards the future, inspiration plus a sense of belonging.

A huge thank you to Carmichael Lynch and AdFed for an incredible evening!