Global Sporting Goods Company


In partnership with Bain, we were tasked with helping a client with many individually strong work streams and external partners align efficiently and effectively. In this case, teams were independently experimenting with 1st party data, but not always sharing and moving to a unified understanding of learning and opportunity. In essence, objectives were being implemented, but not centrally coordinated to drive innovation and leverage to their full potential.

A strategic vision was translated into a specific, actionable roadmap. The engagement consisted of three primary work streams:

  1. The utilization of a Demand Side Platform (DSP), consulting best practices on technological implementation and optimization.
  2. Specific tests for footwear and licensed apparel, designed to be more measurable and actionable for the organization. This involved innovative applications of 1st party data and new data. Initially tests were executed by FRWD, then educated to pre-existing agency partners to conduct and execute.
  3. Marketing community building and education around digital innovation, with an overarching program design, theme and structure against priority strategic goals (in store, e-commerce, mobile, creative, measurement, etc).

Results have shown store traffic gains, achieving implementation milestones, and softer metrics regarding community engagements in events and learning materials.