As a business spanning across the B2B and B2C industries, Plantronics, creator of products from gaming headsets to business communications solutions, had a unique challenge and two diverse audiences to appeal to. With countless opportunities to tap into, they were searching for ways to make the most out of their advertising dollars and ways to become leaders in their industry. Plantronics partnered with FRWD to work toward the strategic objectives of growing their category awareness, targeting a relevant and receptive audience, and increasing their return on ad spend.


One of many initiatives that FRWD led was to improve the Plantronics gaming headset market share. We knew that gamers were seeking the right headset to improve their gaming experience and Plantronics had a solution but not an efficient way to reach them. By implementing several small tests across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and programmatic, FRWD was able to drive costs per engagements down to pennies and uncovered a new powerful set of tactics to connect and engage the gaming. This small test and learn engagement helped open up an entirely new and untapped opportunity for this product segment to scale and build upon.



Throughout the partnership, FRWD helped foster a data-driven test and learn culture by applying media and consumer learnings to the broader Plantronics thinking. This newly applied initiative yielded great successes exceeding overall campaign revenue goals and breaking performance records, including a 91 percent improvement in return on ad spend (shattering goal by 53 percent). FRWD efforts led to more than 20,000 purchases resulting in over $1.6 million in revenue, and almost 2 million site visits over the course of two years. This small moves test and learn model helped refine Plantronics marketing initiatives in the B2B and B2C spaces to scale what works and reduce what doesn’t.