The Thrivent Federal Credit Union is part of the larger Thrivent Financial services company. It has a unique point-of-view and business model rooted in the Christian customers and partners it serves. To Thrivent, money is more than a means to material accumulations – rather it is a means to live a more purposeful life rooted in Christian faith and values.


With that highly unique perspective in mind, FRWD is partnered with Thrivent to create new products, tools and messaging that will bring this type of banking to more Christians and help the Credit Union grow. The “Dollar Tool” shown here is built off the insight that people will spend more wisely when budgeting against their “Wants,” “Needs” and “Giving” instead of simply lumping everything into “Checking” and “Savings.” We’ve created simple videos that explain the concept, a landing page to support acquisition and outreach efforts, and conversion tactics to help visitors easily set up accounts. Small Moves will help test, iterate and learn how best to bring this entirely new concept in banking to market through 2016 and beyond.