Case Study

Coffee Co. achieved high-speed growth as fastest-growing premium coffee brand in 2017.

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The Full Story

Point of Departure

  • Reliant on traditional research and campaign development methods resulting in stagnating sales
  • Challenged by low brand awareness and quality perception 
  • PE owners skeptical of marketing as a sales driver



Conducted a full Brand DNA assessment to develop stronger brand memorabilia.

  • Built digital experience that connected directly to conversion drivers:
    • Ratings & reviews on social, on site
    • Launched “The Pledge” promotion
    • Created social path to Store Locator and eComm
  • Put in place sustainable inside-out marketing program:
    • Year 1: Build Foundation, Grow Community through earned impressions
    • Year 2: Scale Impact via Media Concentrated in Key Distribution Areas
    • 100% budget dedicated to 4.5% US geographic
    • 65% reach, 41/52 weeks of the year



  • Applied Brand DNA learnings to full translated digital brand campaign across video, social, display, and search
  • Bolstered business model and operating model to drive Insurgent culture:
    • No frills mentality
    • Commitment to being differentiated
    • Relentless prioritization of resources

Achieved high-speed growth as fastest-growing premium coffee brand in 2017


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