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Case Study

Retail Co. launched first coordinated, cross-channel audience campaign test to build capabilities in audience management.

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At a Glance

Point of Departure

  • Double-digit growth trajectory reversed in the past year to single-digit declines
  • Organic search fell by 40% driving a major increase in marketing spend on paid search
  • Coupled with declining conversion rates and mix shift, customer acquisition costs (CAC) have grown 2.5x from 2016, creating overall profitability challenges
  • CLV is 50% lower than a primary competitor with smaller basket sizes and fewer repeat purchases


  • Decompose drivers of CLV to focus acquisition and retention efforts and identify quick-win initiatives
  • Assess tactical changes and long-term initiatives required to rehabilitate SEO traffic and improve conversion metrics
  • Lay out long-term roadmap to upskill CRM capabilities, focused on cross-channel audience optimization


  • Launched first coordinated, cross-channel audience campaign test to build capabilities in audience management
  • Identified technical opportunities that could lift organic search traffic by 5-15% (clean up thin/low-value pages, improve load time, etc.); currently conducting tests to validate early estimates
  • Launched ~10 company-wide initiatives to raise CLV (inc. loyalty, marketing, UX, and retention tactics)
  • Supported a company-wide restructuring to formalize Customer Organization in addition to marketing and product organization